Early Career Scientist Oral Presentations

The following 20 early career scientists have been selected from the submitted abstracts to give 20 min oral presentations (15 min talk + 5 min questions):

  1. Souad Abou-Zeid (ICP, UMR 8000, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay, France) – "Radiation Induced Reduction of Graphene Oxide: Application in Energy Storage"
  2. Julien Audouin (LIDYL, CEA-CNRS-Université Paris-Saclay, France) – "Radiolytic Yields Along an Energetic Proton Track-End in Water Using an In-Line 2D Spectrophotometer"
  3. Antoine Danvin (The Hubert Curien Pluridisciplinary Institute, France) – "Dose-Rate Effects on the Yields of Hydroxyl Radical Under Irradiation by 1 MeV Electrons"
  4. Sawsan El Jamal (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) – "Radiation-Induced Dissolution of Uranium Carbide and Uranium Nitride in Aqueous Systems"
  5. Hanna Hlushko (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, USA) – "Water Radiolysis on Surfaces of Various Zirconium Compounds"
  6. Kazuhiro Iwamatsu (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA) – "Pulse Radiolysis Study of Metal Additives in Molten LiCl-KCl Salt"
  7. Christian Laube (Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM), Germany) - "Probing Radiation Chemistry inside Electron Transmission Microscopy Liquid Cells"
  8. Ivan Marić (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia) – "Synthesis of Magnetic Iron Oxide/Au Nanostructures Using the γ-Irradiation Method"
  9. Yogitabali Narode (Savitribai Phule Pune University, India) – "Catalytic Role of Gold Nanoparticles in Free Radical Induced Oxidation of Tyrosine"
  10. Mel O'leary (Dalton Cumbrian Facility, University of Manchester, UK) – "Novel Radiation Driven Dynamics in Nanoparticle Sludges"
  11. Daniel Olsson (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) – "Effects of H2O2 Speciation in Radiation Induced Dissolution of UO2-Based Nuclear Fuel"
  12. Stephenson B. Owusu (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, USA) – "Pulse Radiolysis of Acetate, Malonate and Succinate in High Temperature Water"
  13. Aashini Rajpal (Université Paris-Saclay & IMPMC, Sorbonne Université, France) – "Detecting Superoxide Radical Anions in the Aqueous Medium, Resulting From Core-Shell Ionization Upon Exposure to Soft X-Rays"
  14. Alejandro Ramos-Ballesteros (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, USA) – "Radiolytic Reduction of Li and Mg in Solid Chlorides"
  15. Anna Tegze (Institute for Energy Security and Environmental Safety, Centre for Energy Research, Hungary) – "Radiation Induced Degradation of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics in Aqueous Solution"
  16. Eric Wu (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) – "The Effects of Electrolytes on the Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Hydrated Electrons"
  17. Hao Yu (The University of Tokyo, Japan) – "Radiation-Induced DNA Damage and Selective Protection by Antioxidants"
  18. Guillaume Zante (Université Paris-Saclay, France) – "Grafted Mesoporous Silicas for Radionuclide Uptake:
    Radiolytic Stability Under Electron Irradiation"
  19. Pavel Zasimov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "C2H2∙∙∙СO complex and its Radiation-Induced Transformations: A Building Block for Cold Synthetic Astrochemistry"
  20. Alexey Zharikov (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "One-Pot Radiation-Induced Preparation of Metal–Polymer Nanocomposites in Aqueous Solutions of 1-Vinyl-1, 2, 4-Triazole Containing Silver Ions"

The following 16 early career scientists will be delivering 5 min flash presentations during one of the Zoom sessions (in addition to their posters during the poster session):

  1. Susmita Bhattacharya (Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, USA) – "Comparison of Transient Raman Spectra of Hydrated Dimer Radical Cations of Thiourea and Selenourea"
  2. Jacy Conrad (Idaho National Laboratory, USA) – "Multiscale Modeling of the Radical-Induced Chemistry of Acetohydroxamic Acid in Aqueous Solution"
  3. Vladimir Drabkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "CH3CN Complexes With Water and Carbon Dioxide and Their Radiation-Induced Transformations in Low-Temperature Matrices"
  4. Bin Gu (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China) – "Bragg’s Additivity Rule and Core and Bond Model of Water Vapor Studied by Real-Time TDDFT Electronic Stopping Calculations"
  5. Renáta Homlok (Institute for Energy Security and Environmental Safety, Centre for Energy Research, Hungary) – "Effect of Electron Beam Irradiation and the Presence of Antibiotics on the Population Dynamics of Resistant/Sensitive Bacterial Cultures in Model Wastewater Matrix"
  6. Patricia Huestis (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA) – "Exploring the Mystery of Increased Sensitivity in Irradiated Explosives"
  7. Stephen Kabasa (Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland) – "Computer Simulated Degradation of CFCl3 Under Electron Beam"
  8. Junyi Li (KTH Royal institute of Technology, Sweden) – "Radiation Induced Dissolution of Studtite and Meta-Studtite"
  9. Mariia Lukianova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "Radiation-Induced Assembling of Benzene and Naphthalene Molecules from Molecular Aggregates and Complexes at Low Temperatures"
  10. Karwan Omar (ICP, Université Paris-Saclay, France) – "Effect of Biomolecule Environment on the Energy Deposition of Swift Charge Particles by First Principles Simulations"
  11. Ilya Sosulin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "Reactions of the Radiation-Induced Oxygen Atoms With Fluoroform and its Radiolysis Products: A Model Matrix Isolation and Ab Initio Study"
  12. Roman Sverdlov (Department of Chemistry of the Belarusian State University, Belarus) – "The Influence of H/D Kinetic Isotope Effect and Structure of α-Diols on Their Radiation-Induced Fragmentation in Deaerated Aqueous Solutions"
  13. Jamila Taibi (IMT – Mines Alès, France) – "Radio-Grafting of Phosphorus Flame Retardant on Flax Fabrics: Pre-Irradiation Method"
  14. Anastasia Volosatova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia) – "Radiation-Chemical Synthesis of C2 and C3 Nitriles in Cryogenic Media"
  15. Hanqin Weng (University of Science and Technology, China, and Osaka University & The University of Tokyo, Japan) – "γ-Radiation-Induced Hydroxylation on Boron Nitride Nanosheets for Selective Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane"
  16. Yi Yang (KTH Royal institute of Technology, Sweden) – "γ-Radiation Induced Synthesis of Ag Nanoparticles Using an Ionomer as Size Regulator"
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